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We at the Divine Word Academy of Dagupan, are committed in providing a World-Class quality education through the use of the most latest form of learning materials.

We offer our students/pupils' facilities that would aid and boost their learning experiences.



Our speech laboratory, under the management of Mr. Rafael Melgar, offers our pupils a chance to sharpen their communication and language skills. Helping them to attain fluency, accuracy in grammar and proper enunciation & intonation.top



We also have an award winning library to help our students/pupils and faculty alike, in their referral and research. The library offers a wide and rich selections of books from novels, complete set of encyclopedia, narrative and poetry, religious and many more. It also has an audio/visual materials to further help the student's/pupil's motivation for learning. Not only that, it also offers two computers with internet connections to give the students a global link to other forms of research materials. No wonder, it has been awarded the "Most Functional Library for Private Schools in Region I" for (4) four consecutive years. All of these are under the management of our very diligent librarian Mrs. Emma Castillo.top


Aside from the computers on the library, Our school has three computer rooms used as technical facilities for the students/pupils' computer education. The Divine Word Academy of Dagupan also has its very own IT Center. Providing a global form of communication and research medium for our students/pupils. Not only do we provide internet connection, we also teach them both novice and intermediate lessons relating to the information superhighway.top

In addition, We also have a multipurpose gymnasium with a seating capacity of 1000 spectators. In regards to the safety and well being of our students/pupils, we have a highly operational clinic and dentistry to provide any medical assistance in the campus. Our school commissary provides our students/pupils and faculty their much needed nutrients and commodities.

The Divine Word Academy of Dagupan, as a Catholic School, is also dedicated in helping our students/pupils develop spiritual values with strong faith to our dear Lord GOD; & GOD fearing people. The Parish Church is under the care of Father Cris M. Cansino,SVD. top